About Nitai Meditation

(I) The “Nitai” Mantra
(II) Nitai Meditation Benefits
(III) Nitai Meditation Technique: Nitai Visualizing
1. Nitai Visualizing Elaborated
2. Nitai Gazing (Optional Technique)
3. Nitai Hearing, Nitai Singing, or Nitai Repeating
4. Nitai Breathing (Preparatory Technique)
(IV) Nitai Meditation is Universal
(V) Benefits of Nitai Visualizing or Nitai Gazing
(VI) Benefits of Nitai Hearing, Nitai Singing, or Nitai Repeating

The “Nitai” Mantra

The word “Nitai” is itself the Nitai Mantra which is written in Sanskrit as “निताइ”. “Ni” means “Attract Nature’s Energies” and “Tai” implies “To Empower Yourself”. “Ni” is “Bliss” and “Tai” means “Is Yours”. Na न + ee ि + t त + aa ा + ee इ = Ni नि + tai ताइ = Nitai निताइ.

“Ni” is pronounced like the way “ni” is pronounced in the word “omni”. And “tai” is pronounced like the full word “tie” but with the “t” pronounced like in Spanish, with the tip of the tongue touching the back of the front top teeth instead of curling up to touch the palate. “निताइ” is the primeval and magnanimous shape and sound from which all shapes and sounds in creation have manifested.

The “Nitai” mantra is the “ultimate all-inclusive empowering shape and sound” in existence. The “Nitai” mantra is a mysterious shape and sound comprised of ancient syllables, which manifests its healing and empowering power when it is written in the air, sung, heard, or repeated in the mind or breath. Until recently, the “Nitai” mantra was a very closely guarded secret, because it has the potential to effortlessly reward everyone with the results of all endeavors and desires. The pure energy of all shapes and sounds in creation has been distilled and transformed into the most efficacious form of the “Nitai” mantra that heals and imbues us with unique abilities which help us in achieving all our goals in life.

The sound energy waves of the “Nitai” mantra dynamically synchronize, harmonize, and awaken our full potential while simultaneously wiping out all our external and internal obstacles. It is a proven fact that specific shapes and sounds have profound effects on the human psyche. The “Nitai” mantra is that all-in-one potent meditation which can permanently relieve you from all kinds of diseases, depression, stress, and laziness. It will bestow upon you inner peace, joy, strength, and courage. It is your chance to add vibrance and fragrance to life.

Nitai Meditation Benefits

We are extremely glad that you have finally reached the end of your search for true empowerment, success, well-being, peace, joy, and love in the form of the simple and free technique of Nitai Meditation!

Nitai Meditation is the frontier of all knowledge in the cosmos. It is the process of awakening, accessing, and absorbing the unlimited and unfathomable positive energies lying inert in nature and within ourselves for our own and for everyone’s benefit. It is an ancient, authentic, and time-tested practice that has been improving the lives of people from all walks of life for centuries.

Nitai Meditation is astonishingly simple and effective and thus helps you to become prosperous, healthy, smart, efficient, focused, successful, attractive, powerful, famous, stress-free, problem-free, calm, balanced, peaceful, joyful, and loved! It will also help you become a fast learner and improve your memory.

Nitai Meditation involves visualization and gazing, accompanied with the singing, chanting, or listening to the all-powerful “Nitai” mantra, along with its preparatory breathing, as the panacea for all problems that we face in our daily lives.

Nitai Meditation is an easy, practical, and scientific form of meditation for busy people in modern times. It is the best way to relax the restless mind. It empowers us to face all kinds of difficulties and challenges in life with great ease. It is the easiest path to peace, happiness, and bliss. Nitai Meditation awards us with a new and improved life by exponentially magnifying our potential at all times!

Nitai Meditation Technique: Nitai Visualizing

Write in the air with your forefinger or gaze at the ten Sanskrit writing strokes of “निताइ” one by one as shown in the image below and mentally visualize each one of them very clearly, or just sing, chant, or hear “Nitai” for at least 5-10 minutes daily, in order to succeed in life!

1. Nitai Visualizing Elaborated

As described above, try to write the ten strokes of “निताइ” one by one in the air as large as possible in their writing sequence shown by the arrows and colors in the above image.

While writing in the air in this way, try to capture in your mind the shape of each of these ten strokes, one-by-one, as you write them. Simultaneously try to visualize every inch of each of these ten shapes very clearly in your mind with your eyes closed, half-closed, or open, whichever leads to the best visualization in your case. If needed, you can rest your elbow on any surface while writing it in the air. Do it for at least 5-10 minutes daily as per your comfort.

Optional Techniques: 2. Nitai Gazing, 3. Nitai Hearing, 4. Nitai Breathing

2. Nitai Gazing

Alternatively, you can focus on the shape of the first stroke of “निताइ” (the Nitai mantra) by staring with deep concentration, without blinking, on its printed or painted form before you, as shown in the image below. Then immediately close your eyes and try to see very clearly every part of that same shape in your mind. After it disappears in your mind, open your eyes and do the same, one-by-one, for the shapes of the remaining nine strokes of “निताइ”. Try to repeat this as per your comfort for at least 5-10 minutes daily, as a replacement to Nitai Visualizing if you can’t write it in the air, or, in addition to it if you have extra time.

3. Nitai Hearing, Nitai Singing, or Nitai Repeat

Optionally, in addition to either or both of the above, you can sing, repeat, or just listen to the live or recorded repetitions, music tracks, or videos of the healing and powerful sound of the “Nitai” Mantra on good quality speakers or earphones such as the one below.

Nitai Breathing (Preparatory Technique)

Optionally, in order to properly prepare for Nitai Visualizing, Nitai Gazing, or Nitai Hearing, you can breathe deeply and mentally chant “Ni” as you inhale, followed by “tai” as you exhale, while being conscious of your breath and the full expansion and contraction of your lungs.

Alternatively, you can mentally visualize the Sanskrit syllable “नि” entering through your nose along with the air into your fully expanded lungs as you inhale deeply and “ताइ” starting from your lungs and leaving from your nose as you exhale the air outside by contracting your lungs without straining.

You should gently but consciously expand your lungs in the region of the chest to the maximum extent you can without discomfort while breathing in “नि” and contract them as much as you comfortably can while exhaling “ताइ”. It is important that one breathes only through the nose, with the mouth fully closed.

For more advanced and effective Nitai Breathing, you can do deep breathing in the same way but do it from one nostril while closing the other nostril with your finger and vice versa in a cycle of two breaths (Nitai Anulomvilom), as shown below. Repeat Nitai Breathing for at least 5-10 minutes daily as per your comfort.

Nitai Meditation is Universal

Nitai Meditation is a universally free practice and is in the public domain with no copyrights, patents, rules, beliefs, restrictions, or side-effects. Nitai Meditation is all-embracing, and it will remain free and accessible for everyone forever! It can be freely practiced, shared, and taught by everybody, including lay people, and also by the teachers and practitioners of meditation and yoga around the world.

Nitai Meditation is easy to bring into your life. You have to simply add it to your life along with whatever you are doing. You don’t need to change your beliefs, point of view, or propensities. It is a completely non-sectarian practice for general well-being and does not advocate any religion, cult, person, or a set of beliefs. Thousands of people from all kinds of beliefs and backgrounds have taken up Nitai Meditation and are enhancing their own lives by practicing it. Nitai Meditation empowers you to become better, without interfering in any way.

The best way is to try it yourself and see! You can do it at any time and at any place. If Nitai Meditation benefits you or someone you know, please do share it with as many as you can in order to help them, too. It grows by sharing. Share the link with everyone to gift the Nitai Meditation ebook for free. And kindly don’t forget to inspire by sending your testimonials, support questions, suggestions, feedback, ideas, workshop invites, orders, or paypal donations to or comment on any article at (

Benefits of Nitai Visualizing or Nitai Gazing

Nitai Visualizing or Nitai Gazing is truly a treasure for all aspirants of meditation who are looking forward to nothing but the best. Amongst all forms of meditation, Nitai Visualizing is indeed unique, as it awards us unparalleled empowerment, success, peace, and bliss. It is not a glimmer but a full beam of hope for those who find themselves in a depressing state of affairs, especially when nothing good seems to be happening.

If you feel that happiness has been long absent from your life, then rest assured that Nitai Visualizing will quickly help you find it and bring it back to you! If you are really interested in expanding your brainpower, acumen, and wisdom, then kindly start practicing this easy technique of Nitai Meditation at the earliest.

Nitai Visualizing is an unparalleled brain tonic which improves our brain’s performance many times over, by boosting our concentration, visualization, intellect, and retention. It enhances our ability to think out of the box and unleashes our creative potential from within. It helps us to find meaning and ever-lasting love in our relationships.

Writing Nitai in the air will empower you so much that there will be nothing left in this world which you cannot attain. Every single “Nitai” Mantra you write in the air will take you one step closer to your goals. It helps us to appreciate others, who in turn will respect us more. It rewards us with self-esteem and confidence.

Nitai Visualizing instantly makes us the masters of our mind, which is an essential ingredient for achieving success in any field. The mind loses focus due to frustration or anger. Nitai Visualizing grants us limitless pleasure that makes us fulfilled. As far as anger and irritability is concerned, Nitai Visualizing is, again, the best solution. It is the experience of many practitioners that Nitai Visualizing or Nitai Gazing makes our mind so calm and peaceful that we naturally feel a resistance from inside about losing our temper on someone or because of something, thereby helping us to never lose our friends.

Many people find a great challenge in making a meditation practice the permanent facet of their daily routine. We are so expert in avoiding the formation of positive habits. Amidst so many distractions, we find it extremely difficult to hold on to a fixed schedule for meditation. However, one of the key features of Nitai Visualizing is that it is very attractive and effortless to integrate it in our lives. We get so much enlivened by voluntarily writing “निताइ” in the air that we immensely enjoy doing it and thus our mind spontaneously demands for it. This is because “Nitai” is “incessant bliss” and “infinite peace”.

Moreover, Nitai Visualizing does not require any external paraphernalia and can be practiced simply by writing “निताइ” with our finger in the air or by gazing at “निताइ” along with its conscious visualization in our mind. It is due to all these reasons that other forms of meditation pale in comparison to the Nitai Visualizing Meditation. Who knew that we can achieve such ever-expanding joy, prosperity, empowerment, peace, and success anywhere and at any time by the mere movement of our arm to write and visualize “निताइ” in the air?

Benefits of Nitai Hearing and Nitai Singing

Nitai Hearing is the climax of Nitai Meditation. The musical sound vibration of the “Nitai” mantra is so sweet, like nectar, that it will surely bring you to bliss. Nitai Hearing improves the very quality of our lives. It awards us which such a sublime vision that our lives suddenly become very enjoyable and visionary. We naturally start feeling motivated and inspired to excel in whatever we do.

Nitai Hearing is a very potent antidepressant that acts instantly and has no side effects. It fills our hearts with joy and our faces with smiles. It completely quenches our deep-rooted thirst for true love by naturally attracting love to us. Nitai Hearing helps our personalities bloom and surrounds us in the aroma of prosperity and strength even during the most thorny times in our lives.

Nitai Hearing drives away all negative emotions and releases tensions accumulated throughout the day. When the same mantra “Nitai” is sung or intoned again and again, it gains a deep meditative character and this sound vibration gradually penetrates our whole being, causing overwhelming relaxation.

Nitai Hearing not only stimulates our deepest emotions but it also escalates our energy and vigor to see us through even the most challenging tasks and stressful circumstances in our lives. It increases our poise, balance, stability and reliability.

The “Nitai” Mantra becomes lively and more effective especially when it is sung repetitively in the form of music. It acts therapeutically both emotionally and physically. Nitai Singing positively influences the immune system through stress reduction. It makes our speech pleasant and refined, and it tones our facial muscles. It helps us to create a permanent impact on others by our words.

Nitai Hearing also improves our sleep. We become more mentally alert. Nitai Hearing leads to a release of pain-relieving endorphins which gives a boost to our immune system, enabling us to fight disease. It is the quickest way to uplift our mood. It instantly boosts our morale, creative thinking, and overall well-being.

Disclaimer: It needs to be made explicitly clear that the testimonials received are based on the unique experiences and circumstances of a few people only. There is no promise that you will experience similar benefits by doing Nitai Meditation. Not everyone can expect these results, results will vary by person. The generally expected performance of Nitai Meditation in regards to any specific disease, problem, or desire has not been scientifically validated and we cannot and will not make any promises in regards to any miracle cures or solutions.